Thursday, August 25, 2011

Local Deals

If you live around Ames & like to save a buck or two this is for you!
About two weeks ago my friend Amanda turned me onto this site through the Ames tribune that sends out weekly/2 times a week deals for local area businesses. It is new and just starting to get off the ground. Click HERE if you'd like to sign up! To give you two examples of what I recently purchased:

1. Nichole's Countryside Market
Click here to see more information.
Get $50 worth of fresh Iowa produce for $25!
Featuring Iowa artists and products.
Half price! My mom & I just went there this morning and got 8 dozen sweet corn to freeze (which we just got done doing) for $3.12 (with the coupon!) We also got some peaches, watermelon & kringla! Yum! This was a super cute shop roughly a 10-14 min. drive from Ames on highway 69.
8 dozen sweet corn $5.50 dozen = $44.00
Kringla =$4.00
Watermellon =$4.00
Peaches =$3.00
MINUS $25.00 coupon worth $50.00
$ 5.50! (out of pocket)

so, total cost for $55.00 worth of produce? $30.50!

2. Pizza Ranch - Ames
Click here to see more information.
$10 voucher for only $5
my husband loves the pizza ranch (me not so much) but he can do a lunch date there or something with a friend :-) so we took advantage of that as well!

Happy Savings!
Here is the link:


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