Thursday, December 15, 2011

2 goals I need to get back on.

With the arrival of a new little one in a few short weeks & our expenses only about to get bigger, I've felt really convinced to get better at two areas to help our finances.

1.) Couponing: I still coupon, but only on a small scale. When I started working back in Sept of 2010 I stopped because of the time commitment my job took. But, now that I haven't worked since March, I really need to start it up again. I want to start it up & do it to save money for our family, but not be like those super obsessed ladies on those coupon shows! :-)

2.) Menu Planning: I was SO good at this before I got pregnant this past time, I've never understood that old wives tale of "pregnant & barefoot in the kitchen" because when I'm pregnant the LAST place I want to be is in the kitchen:-) Sometimes certain smells can just turn your stomach in a way that cooking/baking just sounds horrible. I've been getting better about this the last few weeks again, but I'm hoping this will only continue!

Will let you know how I'm doing!


Michelle Wisner-Cook said...

I can totally relate! I was doing really well at couponing and meal planning for a while there, and now I've been slacking. Thanks for the added motivation, hopefully we'll both get back on track. :)

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