Monday, September 3, 2007

nursery duty

We had nursery duty at church today with some friends. We each had a child to “man.” Ryan was lucky and got this sweet adorable little girl who was an angel. Her name was Leslie (like from the sound of music) he tried to pronounce it but it came out as leslie, lesel, lesiel until us girls (who are very familiar with the movie) corrected him. :-) Ryan has self admitted he is terrible at remembering a new name especially if he doesn’t already know someone who has the same name. For instance when we first started dating he didn’t already know another Ashley, and he had to think a minute every time to remember my name. (he told me this after we were engaged.) so to remember this little girls name, later on that day he shared with me how proud he was for remembering her name. I asked him how…and he responded "I thought of something it rhymed with, weasel.” :-)

Sunday, September 2, 2007


had it a little over a month, love it!

"about me" -Ashley

this is a little paragraph "about me" ryan's coming soon...

i am a down to earth girl who grew up on a farm and fell in love with a simple, hard working small town boy. i truly believe a smile can change someone’s day. I love getting up in the morning. i love chick flick films. Fall is the best season, period. i love surprising ryan, although i don't like surprises myself. I have small feet. My husband is my best friend. i really miss my sister who is living overseas. i love deep conversations. My family is very important to me. My boppa (grandpa) is one of my best friends. I am a very black & white thinker, which is both good and bad. I got my moms laugh, and my dad’s opinionated thoughts. I am always thinking. i am starting to really like reading. I have been blessed with the best husband. I love bonfires. I could spend hours reading quotes. I love to be around people, but don't like big gatherings. I research the heck out of anything new I try. A good song is an amazing find. When I was five I stole a piece of bubble gum from the grocery store and my mom made me go back and apologize. in some areas of my life I am anal on being organized and others I fly by the seat of my pants. I’ve been a waitress for eight years, and somedays I like it. I have a lot of friends but only a few close friends, of which I’d do anything for. I start listening to Christmas music as soon as it gets below 40 degrees. I love getting a hand written note. I love making someone’s day. i love to day dream about our future family, but am not ready for motherhood just yet. I have to do things in order. I am a creative thinker. I don’t like heights, but I did as a kid. And most of all I love the Lord.

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