Monday, May 19, 2008

After 9 years something new!

Starting today:
after nine years or working nights & weekends as a server, I am switching my hours to Monday to Friday 11-4 (still at hickory park) ! No more nights, no more weekends!!!!!! I am very excited about this change. The Lord is blessing Ryan's business so I am able to cut back. We realized that we've been together for 6 and half years and have never had a "normal" work week with one another! We are very excited about this change. YEAH!!! The Lord is faithful to his children!

Friday, May 16, 2008

silver dollar city

this is at the front of silver dollar city, we had a great time, saw alot of shows and went on a few rides!

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leaning house

this house makes you feel all funny--as you can see from the pictures!

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riley & ryan talking "smack" on which one is stronger!

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dad trying to "rock the bridge" in Branson -- it really worked too!

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mom & dad waiting for a waterride in branson!

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