Saturday, December 29, 2012

2012 Review


Phew!  what a year it has been here are some of the highlights (both good & bad!) 

Joy: Welcomed our second child {Cy Greyson}  into the world first thing Jan 6th.  Coincidentally that was also the same time Ryan got a 19 appraisal RUSH order. We both had a lot of 2-3 hr sleeping nights.  But we survived & he is/was definitely worth it! We are so thankful for him & its been so fun seeing the boys "play" together.  His first word post the traditional "mama" "dada" has been bubbles.  You can always find him within 2 feet of his older brother, much to Tucker's chagrin.

Fun: Took our first vacation post two kiddos to (where else) Branson Missouri with the entire Huhn clan (Boppa included)  We had a good time, but were certainly glad we had  a few extra hands with the boys!  Fun was had by all.

Trusting in God:  4 business days before we were planned to sell our small appraisal company the buyer backed out.  Talk about stressful.  All along our prayer was for God to open the door or close it, & close it he did.  With some distance from the situation now, we are immensely glad this did not go through.  Ryan has done a wonderful job growing the business & every year it does better than the last! 

New Home: Oct 12th we bought our first home, a foreclosure property in Nevada.  Although we are not new to home ownership we are loving not sharing a driveway or wall with anyone else! :-)  You could say Ryan got his hands "dirty" the first week.  Lets just say it involved a sewer backup that covered him head to toe & a midnight shower run to my parents.  :-)  I must add I love the location of the house as well, 7 minutes to Lowes & 9 to Target...sometimes in Ames we couldn't get there that fast!

Move:  What Houck yearly update doesn't include a moving update.  Some family members joke they put our address in pencil. :-)  We moved this year...TWICE.  The first move was into my mother in laws house for 6 weeks before we closed on our house & November 6th we moved into our foreclosure home.  We sincerely hope you feel you can write our address in ink this time! 

New Home Fun Facts:
we were 1 of 4 who put an offer in & got it! 
we have had at least one visitor a day since we've taken ownership on Oct. 12th--crazzzzy!  
we have painted all but 1 room in the house (that's even including the laundry room!)
we're convinced we have the worlds smallest bathroom :-)
...but most of all we love the space it provides for the boys to run around!

Ring Bear:  Tucker had the opportunity to be a ring bear in my cousins wedding {Kyle & Hilliary Beneventi} back in August.  Tucker absolutely loved the responsibility & not gonna lie, we loved seeing him in a tux as well! :-) 
Etsy:  I started a little small business on back in August.  I have LOVED having this as an outlet & a way to make some extra money for our family with my boys by my side.  Well, if I'm my feet...literally.  I have all but painted 1 room in our house (our bedroom) which I hope to get done this spring. My Mom was a HUGE help in this effort as well!

So that sums up our biggest highlights through the the year.  Looking forward to seeing what 2013 brings!
Happy New Year!

Craft Room

We don't have a huge house, but I'm determined to use up every single square feet we got!  This little corner of the laundry room/basement storage room will be my little crafting space. More pictures to follow once the space has been decorated as well. 

painted paneling

the holidays threw us for a loop with traveling & what not, but here is a fun before & after picture how our basement is coming along!  For just under $600.00 we were able to transform this space.  Now I got to figure out how I want to decorate... (which is a completely GREAT problem!)  :-) 

$95.00 Paint & Primer
$500.00 Flooring
Labor: Free thanks to my hubby & Ryan's great family!!
  {the boys already enjoying the new space!}

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