Wednesday, August 26, 2009

our favorite onesie so far....

a couple of our dear friends made this cute little outfit for us. The front reads "team houck" and the back says "lil squirt" we love that they took the time and patience to make this for us! thanks meesha, sarah & alicia!!

37th week of pregnancy!!

Tuesday morning I had another doctors appointment. Everything is looking good, I am in my 37th week! CRAZY! They tell us that squirt weights around 7 pounds right now. We are starting to get really excited! We got the carseat installed this week, and the nursery is coming together--not done yet, but getting close. I am finding it hard to get around as quickly as i used to, in addition to my energy levels being down, but I would like a HUGE shout out to my husband who has been great. Foot massages, helping clean, helping put up the nursery --you name it. HE IS AMAZING!! Love you cakers!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Students are back in town

How do you know when the students came back to Ames?

When you find 34 abandoned shopping carts at the bus stop.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

just call us senior citizens!

Every once in awhile Hy-vee has a breakfast special of $1.99 for eggs, toast and hash browns. So, ryan & I like to take advantage of this for two reasons: 1.) cheap breakfast! 2.) we get to spend some quality time together before the day starts. So this morning went-- We are always surrounded by grey hair individuals but thats what makes it so much fun. Its the little things in life, right?! :-)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Baby Shower!

On August 8th I had my first baby shower! It was so much fun, and squirt got so many great things. We are so blessed to have great family & friends! Three friends of mine from high school put it on Sarah Bunge, Meesha Weber & Alicia Kuenzel. Everything was perfect. From the invitations to the games, to the food. As you can see below they had little tiny cheeseburgers with matching sized buns! so cute.

Me with the ladies that threw the shower. THANKS LADIES!

the cute little cheeseburgers

everyone who was there!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Three weeks ago Ryan & I were asked to be spiritual sponsors for this cute little guy Elijah Flint. We are so honored. We spent the day in Radcliffe & went to church with the Henderson family. We love him like hes our own nephew! We look forward to being a part of his life and hopefully he'll have a new friend next month!

haley iowa games

here is a picture of Haley playing in the Iowa Games.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Poll Question

Open poll:

Would you trust these two to babysit your child?
Leave an answer in the comments section ~ Ryan

auntie H & C

I do not know what to say about this picture.

trying to feel squirt...they still have yet to feel him or her!

Volunteering @ the Story City Carousel!

last thursday evening Ryan, Carly, Haley & I had the opportunity to run the Story City Carousel from 6-9. My sisters and I have alot of fond memories from when we were kids running it once a summer, and it still is FUN! :-) I think Ryan & Haley stuffed themselves with free popcorn to last them til next year. Here are a couple pictures of us having some fun.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Family Reunion

This past weekend we went to a family on Ashley's Grandma Huhn (Tudor) side of the family. There was a really good turnout and the food was home cooked and unbelievably good. The weekend included a couple of tradional events egg toss, water balloon volleyball, (pictured above is a new game introduced by Kirby) geneology records, talent show.......Yes thats right, there is a talent show. Or in the words of Carly (after putting some thought into it) "You know...I don't think other families have talent shows.

This year the reunion was held in Indianola during the Indianola Hot Air Balloon Festival. Friday many balloons came in and landed. Once dusk hit they line the balloons up and fire off their propane burners and make an impressive sight to be seen.

childbirth class

last night was our first (of four) child birthing classes. We were both a little nervous and excited but we ended up having alot of fun! It has been so neat to see Ryan the last couple of days, I think he is starting to realize little squirt could be here in a few weeks! this weekend we were at a family reunion (which i'll post pictures and stories later) and i was like, "you know honey, squirt could come in less than 30 days" that is when i think it REALLY hit Ryan. That day alone he did two cute things:

1.) so you may or may not know we plan to send out a mass text message when little squirt is born, and since ryan hasn't sent one before he wanted to send out a trial one. So he sent a mass practice text to 12 fast texters just to make sure the whole process works! :-)

2.) at the reunion one of my relatives gave me the book the hungry caterpillar so Ryan read that to squirt on Sunday too. :-)

squirts room is starting to come along. we got the crib up, dresser in, and some clothing items i've gotten put away already. This week, or early next we hope to get the room painted.

okay, enough baby talk...but can you tell we're getting EXCITED?!? :-)

5 years and counting!

June 26th we celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary. We went out to breakfast at the Cafe and since we were moving the next morning we went home and got to spend the day together packing boxes, how romantic huh?! :-) But, it was a good day. I looked back at our previous year (what we had done etc) and i wrote " went out to dinner and saw the movie "get smart" hopefully we'll be pregnant or have a little one by our fifth!" How cool is that?!? God is good.

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