Wednesday, August 5, 2009

childbirth class

last night was our first (of four) child birthing classes. We were both a little nervous and excited but we ended up having alot of fun! It has been so neat to see Ryan the last couple of days, I think he is starting to realize little squirt could be here in a few weeks! this weekend we were at a family reunion (which i'll post pictures and stories later) and i was like, "you know honey, squirt could come in less than 30 days" that is when i think it REALLY hit Ryan. That day alone he did two cute things:

1.) so you may or may not know we plan to send out a mass text message when little squirt is born, and since ryan hasn't sent one before he wanted to send out a trial one. So he sent a mass practice text to 12 fast texters just to make sure the whole process works! :-)

2.) at the reunion one of my relatives gave me the book the hungry caterpillar so Ryan read that to squirt on Sunday too. :-)

squirts room is starting to come along. we got the crib up, dresser in, and some clothing items i've gotten put away already. This week, or early next we hope to get the room painted.

okay, enough baby talk...but can you tell we're getting EXCITED?!? :-)


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