Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Family Reunion

This past weekend we went to a family on Ashley's Grandma Huhn (Tudor) side of the family. There was a really good turnout and the food was home cooked and unbelievably good. The weekend included a couple of tradional events egg toss, water balloon volleyball, (pictured above is a new game introduced by Kirby) geneology records, talent show.......Yes thats right, there is a talent show. Or in the words of Carly (after putting some thought into it) "You know...I don't think other families have talent shows.

This year the reunion was held in Indianola during the Indianola Hot Air Balloon Festival. Friday many balloons came in and landed. Once dusk hit they line the balloons up and fire off their propane burners and make an impressive sight to be seen.


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