Thursday, June 14, 2012


This month has been crrraaazzy busy! {but we're totally loving it!}
Started off with a vacation to Branson.  
we had a wonderful time & the boys did great.  Although Cy wasn't too found of the ride home! :-)  We went boating/tubing, sight seeing, go-cart riding, grilling & shopping.  Our whole family is HORRIBLE at remembering to take pictures so this is all I got so far :-) 

Cousins Reunion Weekend.
Once a year we get together with Ryan's cousins for a weekend.  This year was no exception.  We had a great time!  We met in Cedar Rapids this year at Jimmy's house.  This year we had family from St Louis & Chicago.  
Here is a picture of us girls after our massages...ahh!!
                                           While the us girls pampered ourselves the guys went golfing! I think I heard Ryan even won!
 This week we've been helping volunteer in the preschool room at VBS.  Which has been alot of fun & ohhhh so tiring!  :-)
our boys have been keeping us busy as well!  They have been loving this weather & eating out on our patio set almost daily!  Tucker is soaking up so much & its been fun to have little conversations with him. :-) In April we went to a TV FREE household during the day, and WE LOVE IT.  It has allowed Tucker to get super creative.  Every Sunday night we do have a movie night with popcorn & is the highlight to Tucker's week!  Cy is our little rockstar.  He is supper happy & has a smile that lights up a room!  It has been SO MUCH FUN seeing the boys interact & laugh at one another.  In the mornings before we go in & get the boys you hear them "talking/laughing" to one another.  I WISH i could be a bug on the wall & see what they are doing.  
That is a quick update for us! 

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