Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Tucker--he is our little question asker.  Holy cow that little guy likes to talk!  phew! Hes at a really fun age & we love having little conversations with him.  He has become an expert at stalling at bedtime...water requests, has to use the restroom again, wants to pray longer etc.

Cy-he is our little explorer, he is ALL ABOUT THE JOURNEY.  He loves to explore and follow his older brother all over the place.  He is our little ball of energy.  He is way less cautious than Tucker & throws caution to the wind on a daily basis. :-)

Ryan--has been SUPER busy with appraisal orders.  When hes not working on them (which is alot lately) he can be found grilling burgers, day dreaming on our future lawn or his latest obsession is wayne newton music.  totally random and a little weird :--) Ryan recently admitted to watching you tube videos of soldiers returning to their loved ones when he needs a little break. 

Me-- I've been keeping up with the two little boys...between answering T mans 300+ questions  & Cy's poopy diapers. I've also started up a little online shop which is keeping me very busy--which has been the biggest blessing!  At least once a week we sneak away for a little date which is the highlight to our week!

okays, that is an update in a nutshell!

i'm still here!


bet you thought I forgot about this little place...didn't you?

had two funny stories I don't want to forget:

1. this past weekend we ventured over to Omaha to see/do the zoo, parks & of course what every kid loves...the swimming pool.  On Sunday as we were leaving town I ask my 3 year old..."Tucker, what did you like the most...the zebras, lions, playing at the park, swimming...?"  "Ummm, I liked the couch that turned into a bed!!"  I guess its the little things! :-)

2. the other night as Ryan & I were hanging out I said, "I'm so thankful your my husband," and I looked over (he had a huge grin on his face)  "tell me more..."  :-)  love that man!

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