Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Save on Postage, Home Improvement & Gift Cards!

I love saving money, especially in really unique ways.  Here are THREE really cool ways to save a little green!

1.)  Postage StampsGot a wedding, graduation, or reunion coming up and need a bunch (or a little bit of)  postage stamps?  try eBay & search here! not only do they sell them CHEAPER than the post office shipping is usually FREE.  I don't know about you guys but I dread going to the post office!  Go through ebates or mypoints and even earn points OR cash back incentives to make this deal even sweeter!( at Christmas I saved over $8.00 through cash back & buying them through ebay!)

2.) Home ImprovementGot a remodel coming up?  want to replace an expensive garage door?  washer? Etc.?  to go ebay again here!  look for 10% off coupons to home depo or lowes.  they usually sell for 2-7 dollars but could save you LOTS!  Example if you spent $1,000 that little coupon could save you $100.00!!  And AGAIN if you go through ebates or mypoints you could get some points/cash back!! In my experience Lowes, home depo & menards ALL honored these coupons even if it says to a particular store.

3.)   Gift Cards: Need to buy a gift card or want to sell a gift card?! check out plastic jungle, here  You can sell unwanted gift cards and even buy gift cards at a reduced rate with free shipping! check it out.  i know i'll be ordering an applebees gift card real soon for a night out with my hubby! :-) 

Modge Podge Plate Project

This weekend I attempted & completed my FIRST modge podge project.  I don't know if i'm a lover, or hater or the stuff yet...time will tell :-)  (After completing the project I was told using tissue paper is fairly difficult so that gives me hope for future projects! ) I forgot to take a "before" picture but the picture above is what I used.
  • My mom got the napkins for me @ Tuesday Mornings {Although I've heard you can find them at TJ MAX too}  for $1.99 and the plate I had gotten on clearance awhile back at Target. 
  • I took the napkin and cut around the swirls
  • I modge podged the plate then stuck my tissue paper on it (its has three layers and i just used the first layer) Then I modge podged over everything & let it dry. 
it is not perfect but pretty good for a 1st timer if I do say so myself! :-) although, i'll be honest it took my three tries.  right now its nicely perched above my fridge!

got this great idea from Melissa over here!


Tucker: (or Tuck-A-Muck) Our little guy is getting so big!  Within the last week we've had some big developments.  He now has two teeth coming in.  So far it hasn't affected him too much.(thankfully!)  He has been sitting up for a little while now, but now its for alot longer of periods.  YAH! He is really starting to love walks.  HE LOVES To be outside.

US: Ryan: is starting to feel better! PRAISE GOD.  this morning was the first morning i'd say he is back to his old self.  he was smiley, making jokes and "rough housing" with Tucker. :-)   Life is starting to settle down a little bit --basketball ended for Ryan on Monday and volleyball ended two weeks ago for me on Wednesday nights.  we still have small group once a week on Tuesday nights and what a blessing that is. it is the highlight to our week. 

other than that ...still the same

Monday, March 29, 2010

arby's coupon

Arby’s has a great coupon available! Just go here to print a coupon valid for a FREE regular Roast Beef Sandwich with the purchase of any soft drink! This coupon expires on 4/10/2010.  Guess where we ate for lunch?! :-)  works in ames. thanks hip2save!

Bath & Body Works FREE travel size item

Bath & body works has a coupon buy any item get a FREE travel size item.  Think clearance or sale item.  i usually buy a nail file (for $1) or something.  click here for the link.  thanks hip2save!

crafting update

YEAH!!  I got a few crafting projects done over the weekend.  it was one of those weekends where there wasn't anything you HAD to be at. hopefully post pictures of my projects soon.  our camera decided to stop working right so we'll see. the projects that i'm either done or almost done (and hope to post this week)'

- scrabble letter project
- end table paint project
-apothecary jars project
- stud muffin project
-monogrammed lettered plate project
-new way to organize coupon project

hopefully i will be able to post pictures soon.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

walgreens highlight!

walgreens is having a few good sales this week and stacked with coupons you could get some good deals.  i've just highlighted a few of the possibilities for a more extensive list please check out!

Colgate Pro Clinical Toothpaste 4 oz. $3.99 = $2RR
Use the $1/1 coupon found here (must register)
Final Cost $0.99!

Tums 60-150 count $3.99 = $1RR
Use the $1/1 coupon found here
Final Cost $1.99!
(my hubby eats these like candy!)

Walgreens One Daily Multivitamins 100 count $3 = $3RR
Final Cost FREE!

Dove Shampoo or Conditioner or Styling Products $4 = $4RR
Use the $2/1 coupon found here
(There is also a $1.50/1 coupon available in the 3/28RP)
Final Cost as low as FREE + a $2 moneymaker!

Easter M&M’s 9.9-12.6 oz 2/$5
Buy 3 bags for a total of $7.50
Use the $1/3 coupon from the 3/7 RP
Use the $1/2 coupon from the Walgreens April Coupon Booklet (must be 11.4 oz+); will deduct $1.50
Final Cost $1.67 each!

Playtex Tampons Gentle Glide or Sport 18 pack $3.99
Use the $1/1 coupon from the All You Magazine April 2010 issue or found here or here
Use the $1/1 coupon from the Walgreens April Coupon Booklet
Final Cost $1.99!

Halls Drops 20-30 count $0.99 with in-ad coupon
Use the $1/1 coupon from the 3/28 SS
Final Cost FREE!
**Hand over the in ad coupon AFTER the manufacturer coupon to avoid beepage!

 Dulcolax Balance 14 day, 8.3 oz. $10 = $10RR
Use the $4/1 coupon found here
Final Cost FREE + a $4 moneymaker!


p.s. the walgreens coupon booklet is usually found by the cashier stand, if you can't find it just ask.

March Madness

don't know if i'm going to be getting that massage after all from our little bet.  my hubby just told me its mathematically impossible! oh well.  next year, right?!

magazine braclets!

if i had a little girl i'd be all over this. amy over at the idea room has the cutest bracelets  you can make with your little girls.  click here to find out how!

Rice Crispty Easter Treats!

Kim over at cheap chic home has an awesome idea to do with the kiddos this Easter.  Make your next patch of rice crispy treats a little festive!  for the directions click here! I know I am going to be making some this week.  And I even scored a whole box of the plastic eggs for a buck at a garage sale today! 

Friday, March 26, 2010

something to think about has some of the best devotionals out there (in my opinion)  todays really spoke to me. so often we need to be recharged.  even the KING of the universe did too.  (sometimes i forget that) if you like this check out other awesome online devotions daily HERE

"After sending them home, he went up into the hills by himself to pray. Night fell while he was there alone." Matthew 14:23 (NLT)
It was a drama-packed day. Jesus' cousin, John the Baptist, was dead because a drunken king chopped off his head. Jesus tried to get away to deal with the news, but crowds of people called his name.

Heal me! Feed me!

He healed the sick. He fed over 5,000 people with a few fish and loaves of bread. These miracles caused the crowd to press in closer, to shout louder and to demand more from Him. It also caused conflict.

He's our new king!
No; he's dangerous; kill him!

Sometimes life gets complex. Many times we just keep on going even though we are pulled between the demands of the people we love - Feed me! Love me! - with those feelings festering just under the surface.

But what happens when you arrive at ground zero emotionally because of loss or pain or fatigue?

What did Jesus do? When His day was finally done, Jesus hiked into the mountains to pray. He needed strength. He needed guidance. He needed to be refreshed spiritually and physically. Jesus settled in to talk to His father.  

I'll be honest. When I'm at that place, the temptation is to wrap up in my favorite blanket, turn on a mindless TV show, and veg.

But what waits for me in that alone place with God?

He knows us better than anyone else. He's willing to carry our burdens, soothe our hearts, and that prayer time becomes a shelter, an oasis where we are revived.  At that point it's not about the time we spend, or even the words that we say, but what we discover when we settle in.

Prayer becomes our heavenly GPS system.

An earthly GPS system contains atomic clocks that are accurate to a billionth of a second!  No matter where you are, it can find your location and give you direction.

Think about this: The God of the Universe is greater than any earthly GPS. God knows where you are, where you are headed emotionally, and how to recalculate so that you can find your way back to sanity, peace, and even to joy.

Dear Jesus, You know what it is to be emotionally and physically spent. You know what it is to hurt, to grieve, to long for quiet and peace and healing. Thank You that You understand how I feel, and that You carry my burden when it's too big for me to carry alone. I adore You.  In Your Name, Amen.

Related Resources:
The Woman I Am Becoming by T. Suzanne Eller

Fresh Grounded Faith: Devotions to Awaken Your Spirit by Jennifer Rothschild

Visit Suzie's blog today for a giveaway

For more encouragement, read The Most Important Time of My Day

P31 Woman magazine

Application Steps: 
Many of you, like me, probably talk to God throughout the day. But is there a sacred place set aside for you and God?

Don't set a time limit, or make it a duty.

Settle in with Him. Close the door.

Talk to Him about your day. Praise Him for His great love.

Breathe in the presence of the Holy Spirit. Don't rush it.

Let God do His work inside of You.

Prayer is a spot where we go just as surely as a church sanctuary is a place. When we pray, we are going into a place built from words. Or at least it's a place where words are the parameters, the walls into which we enter. Phyllis Tickle

Power Verse:
Psalm 19:7, "The instructions of the Lord are perfect, reviving the soul. The decrees of the Lord are trustworthy, making wise the simple." (NLT)

Psalm 91:1-2, "He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will abide in the shadow of the Almighty. I will say to the LORD, ‘My refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom trust.'" (ESV)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

candy cup caps!

with high school/college graduations RIGHT around the corner i thought these were really adorable.  Click here to see how its done.  For something REALLY cool you could even hot glue those little reeses pieces on a graduated photo frame and with a toothpick write out congratulations on each one.  just a thought.  enjoy!

birthday girls!

last weekend we had a birthday brunch for both my sisters (pictured above)  
here are some pictures from the day:
my cute grandparents

i wish i was more savvy with the computer.  i have no idea how to make the pictures bigger! :-)  our camera is on the fritz so this is from Carly's camera. 

winter wear

every winter i try and be more organized and put everything in a container: hats, gloves, headbands etc.  and every year it doesn't work.  over at maple memories she used an over the door mesh shoe organizer.  score.  she went from this...

to this...

check out her blog here!

my little brothers play!

i am so excited.  my little brother is in a play tonight and tomorrow. we will be going tomorrow night. he is the lead AND has a solo.  looking forward to seeing him!  was about to order him flowers and ryan nixed that.  evidently you don't send a jr. high guy  flowers because "guys just don't do that"  :-)  will post pictures soon.

button magnets

in the last month or so I've been trying to be more thoughtful in my gift giving.  not that i gave thoughtless gifts before, but i'm really starting to see its the THOUGHT that counts not how much you spent on it.  like i mentioned last week, one of our friends lost his dad last week.  it was our friends birthday yesterday.  and i was really trying to think of a thoughtful gift.  and then i remembered something,.  when his dad first got the news of his terminal illness one of the FIRST things he said was "i never had a button collection, i always wanted one"  it had been one of those things he had never done, but really wanted to.  so his son got a jar and they all started collecting buttons, every time they were out at a store etc.  by the end his jar was full 
.  so....getting back to his birthday I made some button magnets he can stick on his refrigerator to remember his dad by.  check out my finished project.  
 or you can double them up.  like this.  

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

oreo easter idea

i cannot tell you how many crafts i've bookmarked for later when Tucker is older to help "decorate" these fun craft projects.  these would be great gifts to give to grandparents, aunts and uncles or even babysitters!  AND the best requires NO baking!  they are oreos with sticks.  brilliant.  click here to see how to make them. 

Is that for ME!?!

*this is not tucker*  but i thought it was priceless.  there is a website that i follow that has babies pictures with funny captions.  
the caption for this one: 

Is that for ME?!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


 do you like to read?
in college i could never understand how people could read for pleasure.  sick.  now, fast forward 5 years and i have found i really enjoy it.  whenever i want to know how to do something i read and read and read and read.  however, the cost of a brand new book almost kills me!  don't get me wrong and library is a great tool, however there are just some books you'd like to keep around for referencei also have a good amount of books i'm ready to get rid of. there is this awesome site called where you can get used books for around $2.00! (cost of shipping the book)  my brother in law first told me about it and most recently another friend.  how it works: (simple version)

1.) type in books you want to give away
2.) receive requests from others for your books
3.) mail your books and recieve points
4.) ask for books from others with your points

my friend, Anna has done this ALOT.  She is even part of freecycle and picks up books for free and posts them for points.  she has a spot in her basement where she keeps all the books once she has listed them, then once she gets in a request sends it off.  she has gotten enough points to get 50 some FREE books herself.  pretty cool, huh?  i can't wait to try this out.

shamrock update

remember about three weeks ago my post about hiding 12 shamrocks all around the house and for my husband to find then he turns them in for rewards?  this is exactly why I love my husband.  the morning that i decided to hide them he was out appraising a house & tucker was taking a nap.  i hid them everywhere in the midst of diapers, in the ice cube tray, in the fax machine, in the laundry soap etc.  so ryan got home and i completely forgot to tell him that I had hid them.  About two hours pass (and i was about to leave for a few hours) and i said, "by the way, i hid the shamrocks so you'll have to on the lookout!" i left and came back a couple of hours later.  to my surprise there were doors, kitchen cabinets, drawers and all sorts of things opened and in disarray.  He ran upstairs, with a little kids excitement holding the 10 little shamrocks that he had found.  Apparently right after i told him i hid them he went on the hunt.  it was at the beginning of our relationship i feel in love with his child-like joy in the small things.  :-)

Monday, March 22, 2010

Target w/ coupons exposed!

i heart target, especially when they have good sales.  this is one of those weeks.  you should get to target.  Sunday afternoon i "hit 'em up!"  My total before coupons was $71.00 my total AFTER coupons $22.00!  here is what I got for my 22 bucks:

i stocked up on alot of things, body wash for ryan, deodorant for both of us, parchment paper, baby shampoo (free) tide detergent sample (free) 2 things of baby formula (.65cents each) connect 4 game for $3.00 & two monopoly card games for .55cents each, and dove shampoo. (although i noticed they were a dollar higher at the Ames target than Ankeny)  (we do toys for tots in December so this will help a great cause and won't break the bank!) 

They nitty gritty truth:  I used this website to print all my coupons and plan my route.  click here to print coupons and find how to match a sale with a coupon.  it took me 25 mins to do that.  And then it took me 30 mins. to find and purchase all these product.  to me this is so worth it.  its like i'm paying myself 50/hour for these things! 

Couple of pointers:  
Cashiers:  When i have a boat load of coupons i always scour the cashiers and always choose a young guy usually in college or high school & i always strike up a conversation.  how is their day going, are they in school, what is their major.  for instance my cashiers name was justin, he graduated in december from ISU with a major in graphic design.  is looking for a job and hoping he doesn't have to work at target much longer.  :-)  (i find that they are the most coupon friendly)

Diapers:  I'll admit it:  i'm a diaper snob.  i really love my huggies & pampers, but i really don't like paying the high price.  well, at hip2save's website she'll show you where to get a $3.00 off coupon AND a 1.50 off target coupon (you can use both!) huggies coupon.  that is 4.50 off!!  AND huggies diapers are on sale for 8.99 with the coupons that brings your total down to $4.49!  that is .14cents per diaper. vs. target brand at .18 cents each.  even if you don't have a family, these would make great baby shower gifts!  

hope this helped you get started or inspire you to try some coupons out!  i have a passion for being a good steward of God's money that he has put on loan to us. i really believe if you are faithful and  a good steward with these little things such as saving a a couple of dollars here and there the Lord will bless that.  As a stay at home mom my motto verse I've adopted for myself is:  
“His master replied, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Come and share your master’s happiness!’”
Matthew 25:21–22


after this latest post i am convinced i have no creative abilities... and i'm okay with that because i'm a copycat! :-) that ladies over at eighteen25 give you this template to download to make these adorable little guys!  to find the download and how to do it click here.  these would make great Easter gifts for friends or loved ones.  hope you can enjoy them!

10 minute pokla dot plate!

like that polka doted plate?  looks super fun.  click here to see how its made.  the ladies over at tatertots and jello know a thing of two about inexpensive crafts.  super easy and way cute!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

homemade baby food

this past Tuesday evening we had some friends over for dinner to teach/show us how to make baby food.  (thanks Buller Family!) we both were floored with how easy it was.  we made peas, green beans, pears & peaches.  that'll last us a month, total cost for the baby food supplies $9.00.  SCORE! so thankful for friends that are willing to take a night out and teach us.  so far tucker is not a fan of the green beans, but if you hide them with a fruit he'll eat 'em right up. 

joy list

we just back from a funeral.  i don't know about you guys, but it always gets me thinking about what i am most thankful for.  so here is my joy list.  what is on yours?

a God that loves me, faults and all

my hubby :-)
my little boy
my siblings
my family
ryans family
diet mountian dew
freshly cut grass
smell of bread baking
changing the month on the calender
4th of July
date nights
babysitters! :-)
blogs: friends, family, frugal & creative ones
family walks
long talks
lemonade in summer
decorated cupcakes
getting the mail
a good bargin
the feeling after I get after making something creative
cute baby clothes
small group
bubble baths
a new haircut
a clean house

and that was just a few.  but today, i am thankful for a little boy taking a nap in his bed, a hubby asleep on the floor watching march madness and sunshine outside.
with a thankful heart,


picnik...every heard of it? its a photo editing site that is completely dummy proof,  oh yea!  a friend of mine Monica who always has cute pictures told me about it.  not only does she have awesome picture editing abilities she is super creative.  check her out here.  i completely failed at figuring out photoshop so picnik has been awesome!  i've only edited a few pictures but they look great and its super easy and not time consuming!  here is one that i edited. 


and...after (has alot more light, cropped it a little)

check it out!

Friday, March 19, 2010

homemade donuts

i'm starting to see why our plan to  loose weight is at a stand still.  take note of the picture listed above!  :-)  if you are looking for a yummy treat these are amazing!  these are some donuts Ryan & I made for my sister's birthday brunch last saturday.  they were a hit.  

1 can biscuits (we used pillsbury)
Cut holes in biscuits with hole cutter. (or you can use the top of a pop bottle cap. Drop in hot deep grease (we used canola oil) until golden.
1 c. powdered sugar
2 tbsp. milk
1/4 tsp. vanilla 
OR you can coat them in plain sugar. 
they are so bad, but thats what make them so good!  

Thursday, March 18, 2010


my little boy is taking a very long nap today.  yippie! i love that. if you haven't noticed by now, i have really taken to crafting blogs.  i get so inspiried.  i have about alot of projects i need to complete before i take on any more.  my storage room (aka) bedroom is busting at the seams. the next two weeks i hope to blog and post FINISHED projects of:

  • 3 wood boxes painted (going to hold toys) (have them started...just need to finish them)
  • 2 pieces of wicker, painted (have the two coats done)
  • my mug chalkboard gift (all but done!)
  • Pottery barn inspiried apothecary jars (done!)
  • Wood Stars painted (going to hang from my imaginary mantle (someday!) at Christmastime. (need to start)
  • Sewing machine night stand (haven't started)
  • shelfing unit (haven't started)
  • muffin project (done, just need to bring it home from my boppa helping me with this one!)

Kum & Go!

got a kum & go nearby?  click here to get these products free!  my hubby got a free welch's juice today already AND you can print them unlimited amounts of times. 


march madness

did you do any march madness brackets?  we both did this year!  i am so pumped.  my first march madness i actually care about...because i got a bet with Ryan on it!  IF he wins then we go to the "expensive" theater and watch a movie of his choice WITH popcorn (if you know him he LOVES movie theather popcorn) and if I WIN I get to get a massage! ohhhhhh i hope i win! 


my hubby had a doctors appointment yesterday.  he has been fighting chills/heat flashes and headaches for a little over two weeks. he is still able to work, and do all the normal things, he just says he feels like he's "running on empty." 

 he went into the doctor and said he most likely has a virus (non contagious) but was more concerned with his red blood cell count.  he goes back in two weeks to get it check out again.  so if you think of it, lift ryan's health up in your prayer today ?  will update the blog once we know more. 
thanks friends.

future project.

with spring and summer just around the corner (we hope!) i am really looking for cute centerpieces for little picnics. i love tablecloths.  infact, i only collect three things:

1. solid colored water pitchers, the more character the better!
2. vintage tablecloths
 3. the letter "h"

 i heart plates too. 

so...this idea really stuck out to me.  check it out here.


Monday, March 15, 2010

with a heavy heart

Remember my post here? Mr. Lenning went to be with the Lord today.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family in this difficult time. 

cupcake liner wreath!

so stinkin creative and would not cost alot of money:  SCORE! :-) .  i CANNOT wait to make one now! Click here to see how she made it.  you could make the wreath ANY color.  how cool is that!?

happy birthday!

once again the ladies at do it again!  I am going to be making one of these this spring! If anyone of my blog readers (and friends) want to attempt this one together?  let me know if you'd be interested.  Click here to see how its made.  the reason i love it so much is you can have a "girl side" and a "boy side"  for your kiddos! 


last tuesday we attended our first auction, and boy was I in heaven.  My hubby is such an amazing guy to come and be so supportive of my crazy, but yet creative ways to decorate our home. :-)  I love unique.  I love original.  I would go so far to say I don't enjoy getting brand new items anymore for decorating our home. i love the thrill of the hunt. and the story that goes along in getting it.  so...getting back to the auction.  they sold a whole BOX of these type of books for $1.00!  IF I would have seen this post earlier (the picture posted above) I would have been ALL over that.  Something I'll put in my "next time i see it" buy it place in my mind!

  So this morning I saw this awesome website.  This woman is crazy creative.  Click here to see how she made this and for other inspiring ideas!

Think Spring!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

6 months!

not that you don't already get a healthy dose of Tucker as it is, here is some of this six month stats:

weights 19lbs 2 oz
height 26.5 inches

  • Can sit up all by himself (yeah!)
  • says "dada"
  • loves bathtime...especially playing with his ducks & making big splashes
  • sleeping from 7-7 with two naps everyday, one usually longer than the other
  • started baby food, so far loves applesauce, carrots, squash, peaches & peas
  • loves to be naked--anytime.
  • strongly dislikes getting dressed or undressed (mainly anything going over his head)
  • loves putting anything in his mouth
  • is starting to show signs of being ticklish
  • loves stroller rides
Our Highlights being parents of a six month old:
  • never ceases to amaze us how much of a mess he can make eating baby food :-)
  • our favorite part of the day is picking him up from his crib in the morning
  • we love seeing his little legs pump in excitment when we come and pick him up from the nursery
  • that we really love being parents to him!

super easy & goooooooood!

so the last few weeks i've been trying all sorts of new recipes and crafting projects.  spring is in the air! one we tried recently and LOVED was homemade microwave popcorn.  the key themes i always look for when attempting a craft:  simple, affordable and not time consuming!  Click here for the directions and where i got my inspiration.  i made some the other day and it turned out great! 

what you need:
brown paper sack

napkin dress

seriously the girls over here at come up with the CUTEST thins to make, decorate & eat.  have a bridal shower coming up?  and need a SUPER cute idea to do with your napkins? they show you the step by step instructions--  check it out! 

Thursday, March 11, 2010

from woman of faith e-mail ( a really neat story)

His name is Bill. He has wild hair, wears a T-shirt with holes in it, jeans, and no shoes. This was literally his wardrobe for his entire four years of college.

He is brilliant. He is kind of profound and very, very bright. He became a Christian while attending college. Across the street from the campus is a well-dressed, very conservative church. They want to develop a ministry to the students but are not sure how to go about it.

One day Bill decides to go there. He walks in with no shoes, jeans, his T-shirt full of holes, and wild hair. The service has already started and so Bill starts down the aisle looking for a seat.

The church is completely packed and he can’t find a seat. By now, people are really looking a bit uncomfortable, but no one says anything. Bill gets closer and closer and closer to the pulpit, and when he realizes there are no seats, he just sits down right on the carpet. By now the people are really uptight, and the tension in the air is thick.

About this time, the minister realizes that from way at the back of the church, a deacon is slowly making his way toward Bill. Now the deacon, in his eighties, has silver-gray hair and a three-piece suit. He is a godly man, very elegant, very dignified, very courtly. He walks with a cane and, as he starts walking toward this boy, everyone is saying to themselves that you can’t blame him for what he’s going to do. How can you expect a man of his age and of his background to understand some college kid on the floor?

It takes a long time for the man to reach the boy. The church is utterly silent except for the clicking of the man’s cane. All eyes are focused on him. You can’t even hear anyone breathing. The minister can’t even preach the sermon until the deacon does what he has to do.

And now, to their amazement, they see this elderly man drop his cane on the floor and lower himself to sit down next to Bill. There, he worships with the young man so he won’t be alone.

Everyone chokes up with emotion. When the minister gains control, he says: “What I’m about to preach, you will never remember. What you have just seen, you will never forget.

kid friendly treats!

want a super simple "crafty" project to do with your kids?  then click here to find out how she made them.  they look so cute and festive! 


Ever heard of mypoints?  it is such an easy way to accumulate points & earn a gift card to your favorite store! I usually "earn" $40-$50 dollars worth of gift cards in one year.  I usually end up choosing Applebees so me and the hubs can make it a date!  How I use mypoints to work for my benefit is by opening up each e-mail they send me (1-8ish per day) and check on the "earn 5 points" bar.  that way i'm not out anything except the 10 seconds it took to open the e-mail and hit that tab.  so simple. i usually do this while feeding tucker.  what woman doesn't love to multi-task?! :-)  Go here to sign up today!
Here is how it works:

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  • Earn Points for doing what you already do online: shopping, reading emails, playing games, searching the web, taking surveys, and more!
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Tuesday, March 9, 2010


 Some friends of ours have been asking what blogs we use  I swear by two &amp here is  why I love them:  It does take some time getting used to all the rules and stipulations, but it is completely worth it (in my opinion)

1.) --  this is a great website for online deals, freebies, and my favorite her weekly videos of "follow me mondays"  where she takes the camera in the store and SHOWS you how she saves money.  She also is completely lovable.  great site to bookmark and check back frequently.  

2.)  this is another great website to follow.  click on the two links below to see what i mean.  for instance click here to check out the current deals at target for 90 items under one buck and another 22 FREE.  Or here for 121 items under one buck and 17 free!  

i would like to note i don't get myself too worked up if I can't make it to get a deal.  tucker is my number one priority and i don't always get to the store as much as i'd like.  i do subscribe to the des moines register (they recently had a special sign up for six months for 22 bucks and get a 10 dollar applebees gift card)  on sundays and try to get a paper for free on sundays as well. 

happy day to you!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Mr. & Mrs. Lenning!


This weekend we helped celebrate one of our best friends wedding.  It was a beautiful day.  It was actually planned in a matter of weeks. (2.5 to be exact!) Roughly two weeks ago the groom's family received some sobering news, his dad has less than 3 months to live. With that news it makes you put everything in perspective, as it should. The groom really had a desire to have his dad at his wedding so ...honestly who needs months and months to plan a wedding when all that matters is WHO is at it! They did a great job and it was a very emotional ceremony. wishing you many years of happiness! (the last picture is of the groom and his dad)

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