Monday, March 29, 2010

crafting update

YEAH!!  I got a few crafting projects done over the weekend.  it was one of those weekends where there wasn't anything you HAD to be at. hopefully post pictures of my projects soon.  our camera decided to stop working right so we'll see. the projects that i'm either done or almost done (and hope to post this week)'

- scrabble letter project
- end table paint project
-apothecary jars project
- stud muffin project
-monogrammed lettered plate project
-new way to organize coupon project

hopefully i will be able to post pictures soon.


monica said...

good job mamma.

you forgot one project....called

"the hack into my husbands account to get the taylors some house pictures project."

oh, and how had ryan been feeling lately? we have been praying for him.


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