Tuesday, March 23, 2010

shamrock update

remember about three weeks ago my post about hiding 12 shamrocks all around the house and for my husband to find then he turns them in for rewards?  this is exactly why I love my husband.  the morning that i decided to hide them he was out appraising a house & tucker was taking a nap.  i hid them everywhere in the midst of diapers, in the ice cube tray, in the fax machine, in the laundry soap etc.  so ryan got home and i completely forgot to tell him that I had hid them.  About two hours pass (and i was about to leave for a few hours) and i said, "by the way, i hid the shamrocks so you'll have to on the lookout!" i left and came back a couple of hours later.  to my surprise there were doors, kitchen cabinets, drawers and all sorts of things opened and in disarray.  He ran upstairs, with a little kids excitement holding the 10 little shamrocks that he had found.  Apparently right after i told him i hid them he went on the hunt.  it was at the beginning of our relationship i feel in love with his child-like joy in the small things.  :-)


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