Monday, March 22, 2010

Target w/ coupons exposed!

i heart target, especially when they have good sales.  this is one of those weeks.  you should get to target.  Sunday afternoon i "hit 'em up!"  My total before coupons was $71.00 my total AFTER coupons $22.00!  here is what I got for my 22 bucks:

i stocked up on alot of things, body wash for ryan, deodorant for both of us, parchment paper, baby shampoo (free) tide detergent sample (free) 2 things of baby formula (.65cents each) connect 4 game for $3.00 & two monopoly card games for .55cents each, and dove shampoo. (although i noticed they were a dollar higher at the Ames target than Ankeny)  (we do toys for tots in December so this will help a great cause and won't break the bank!) 

They nitty gritty truth:  I used this website to print all my coupons and plan my route.  click here to print coupons and find how to match a sale with a coupon.  it took me 25 mins to do that.  And then it took me 30 mins. to find and purchase all these product.  to me this is so worth it.  its like i'm paying myself 50/hour for these things! 

Couple of pointers:  
Cashiers:  When i have a boat load of coupons i always scour the cashiers and always choose a young guy usually in college or high school & i always strike up a conversation.  how is their day going, are they in school, what is their major.  for instance my cashiers name was justin, he graduated in december from ISU with a major in graphic design.  is looking for a job and hoping he doesn't have to work at target much longer.  :-)  (i find that they are the most coupon friendly)

Diapers:  I'll admit it:  i'm a diaper snob.  i really love my huggies & pampers, but i really don't like paying the high price.  well, at hip2save's website she'll show you where to get a $3.00 off coupon AND a 1.50 off target coupon (you can use both!) huggies coupon.  that is 4.50 off!!  AND huggies diapers are on sale for 8.99 with the coupons that brings your total down to $4.49!  that is .14cents per diaper. vs. target brand at .18 cents each.  even if you don't have a family, these would make great baby shower gifts!  

hope this helped you get started or inspire you to try some coupons out!  i have a passion for being a good steward of God's money that he has put on loan to us. i really believe if you are faithful and  a good steward with these little things such as saving a a couple of dollars here and there the Lord will bless that.  As a stay at home mom my motto verse I've adopted for myself is:  
“His master replied, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Come and share your master’s happiness!’”
Matthew 25:21–22


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