Sunday, March 14, 2010

super easy & goooooooood!

so the last few weeks i've been trying all sorts of new recipes and crafting projects.  spring is in the air! one we tried recently and LOVED was homemade microwave popcorn.  the key themes i always look for when attempting a craft:  simple, affordable and not time consuming!  Click here for the directions and where i got my inspiration.  i made some the other day and it turned out great! 

what you need:
brown paper sack


Renae said...

We used to make popcorn like this, but then stopped when Consumer Reports wrote that it had the potential to set a fire pretty quickly. We bought a $7 bowl at Target that was designed for microwaving popcorn and we use it often.

Ashley J Houck said...


thanks SO much for telling us that. we will not be doing this in the future and going to target and getting that bowl. thanks for the heads up!

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