Tuesday, March 9, 2010


 Some friends of ours have been asking what blogs we use  I swear by two &amp here is  why I love them:  It does take some time getting used to all the rules and stipulations, but it is completely worth it (in my opinion)

1.)  www.hip2save.com --  this is a great website for online deals, freebies, and my favorite her weekly videos of "follow me mondays"  where she takes the camera in the store and SHOWS you how she saves money.  She also is completely lovable.  great site to bookmark and check back frequently.  

2.) http://www.couponingtodisney.com  this is another great website to follow.  click on the two links below to see what i mean.  for instance click here to check out the current deals at target for 90 items under one buck and another 22 FREE.  Or here for 121 items under one buck and 17 free!  

i would like to note i don't get myself too worked up if I can't make it to get a deal.  tucker is my number one priority and i don't always get to the store as much as i'd like.  i do subscribe to the des moines register (they recently had a special sign up for six months for 22 bucks and get a 10 dollar applebees gift card)  on sundays and try to get a paper for free on sundays as well. 

happy day to you!


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