Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Tucker: (or Tuck-A-Muck) Our little guy is getting so big!  Within the last week we've had some big developments.  He now has two teeth coming in.  So far it hasn't affected him too much.(thankfully!)  He has been sitting up for a little while now, but now its for alot longer of periods.  YAH! He is really starting to love walks.  HE LOVES To be outside.

US: Ryan: is starting to feel better! PRAISE GOD.  this morning was the first morning i'd say he is back to his old self.  he was smiley, making jokes and "rough housing" with Tucker. :-)   Life is starting to settle down a little bit --basketball ended for Ryan on Monday and volleyball ended two weeks ago for me on Wednesday nights.  we still have small group once a week on Tuesday nights and what a blessing that is. it is the highlight to our week. 

other than that ...still the same


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