Sunday, June 29, 2008

7 Random things about us!

On my friends Rachel's website I was "tagged"--so here are 7 random things about us!

1.) When I do a double shift I ALWAYS have a kid ham sandwich with cottage cheese and corn. Always.
2.) ryan hates it when anyone, even himself touch his feet.

3.) its been well over three years since I’ve worn a dress (I’m a tomboy at heart!)

4.) ryan plays basketball every mon, wed & Friday @ 6:00 am for an hour each day

5.) a big pet peeve is when your standing in line at a grocery store and someone is paying with a check and doesn’t write on it until the checker has announced the total. You can fill in the date, memo, signature, and place…the only thing you don’t know if the end total! J

6.) ryan thinks he can fix anything (which is good and bad!)

7.) one of our favorite things to do is go to boarders and read together.

Monday, June 9, 2008

New address!

Dear Ones,

Please update your address books for us. We have been/are moving this week. Our new address will be:

Ryan & Ashley Houck

313 South Walnut

Ames, Iowa 50010

We are excited about this move. Although in a lot of ways it will be the smallest place we’ve lived. We’re planning on being here for a little bit. (Possibly two years) I’m actually going to hang pictures on the walls! Currently we are working on a small scale remodel project in our basement. My sister, Haley & a friend will be moving in August 1st. We are excited what the future holds, and in a couple of years (Lord willing) can’t wait to move to the country!!!

In Him,

Ryan & Ashley

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

a huge praise!

we'd like to share a huge praise, ryan had two of his best months in appraising! Praise the Lord!

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us being silly

two saturdays ago was my first saturday not having to work (besides taking them off for weddigs, graduations, etc) so we were very giddy, as you can see! :-)

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