Wednesday, June 29, 2011

top garage sale find this season

A month or so ago, I found my TOP garage sale find of the season (so far)
I bought a tub FULL of Scentsy candles --never used. 
I walked away with about 65 different fragrances for around twenty bucks! 
I normally wouldn't think of buying this brand of candle (due to the high cost)  but I am hooked
THEY LAST FOR A LONG TIME (I am still on my first one, I started roughly three weeks ago)
THEY don't use fire (my candle warmer uses a light bulb)
...did I mention how they FILL YOUR whole house with these great smells? 
I am now hooked. 
{even my hubby has been commenting on how good they smell!}
Love fun finds like that.
  Its really the little things. :-)

7 years together

Last Sunday Ryan & I celebrated 7 years of marriage.  I am so thankful for the man God gave me!

Our second date we ever we were hanging out talking at my apartment & I brought  freezey pops to snack on.  I think between the two of us we ate 30 of them! I remember telling him halfway through the date I couldn't believe someone else loved them as much as I did!  I knew then he was a keeper right then! ;-)  We don't really do big gits for anniversaries, but this year Ryan surprised me with Freezey pops!   YUM! So that night as we were talking & reminiscing about the last 7 years we were also enjoy some freezey pops!

We had a BUNCH of Ryan's family in town for his cousins bridal shower so we spent the weekend getting in some good family time.  While the girls were at the bridal shower the boys went off to go go-carting, golfing & showing off their skills in the batting cage.  After the shower the guys & gals met up to go bowling.  Ryan beat me by 1 !  I had 133 & he had 134.  Then headed out to dinner.  Thank you to grandma Marce & Uncle Riley for watching the T-man for us!  Sunday morning we met everyone at the Machine Shed for breakfast & said our goodbyes.  We ended up laying low that day ( I wasn't feeling the best)  and put in a movie.  We hope to get an overnight in Cedar Rapids sometime soon! 
All in all, a great weekend!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

2 FREE cards {think Father's Day}

Walmart has American Greeting Cards priced for around $1. Use the 2/$2 American Greeting Cards Printable Coupon, and score 2 for Free after the coupon! We believe Target has these for around$1.29.
Buy (2) American Greeting Cards – $1
2/$2 American Greeting Cards Printable Coupon
= 2 FREE after coupon

thanks, Hip2Save! 

can't hardly wait!

Ryan & I were talking the other night how excited we are to move!  I will say we have thoroughly enjoyed living with my grandparents and Tucker loves the socks off both of them because of it! :-)   I came up with five things we're super excited about:

1.)  The TV OFF.  We aren't big TV watchers in our house but my grandpa on the other hand is a TV junkie!  It is on morning, noon & night.  I can't wait to have the pandora playing instead of the nightly news! :-)

 2.) A Playground within walking distance!  Looking forward to burning some of Tucker's energy this way.

3. Family Time.  Just the three of us.  For the last year we haven't gotten that too often so we're REALLY looking forward to that.  
4.  Hobby Lobby within walking distance....enough said! :-)

5.  Bubble Baths &Water pressure.  :-)

Monday, June 13, 2011

hospital survival kit

thought this was such a cute idea. 
and did I mention its a free printable?
Click here

How to make ice cream in a baggie

fun kid activity.
ice cream in a baggie.
Click HERE to find out how!

4th of July (my style)

i love simple.  
these two 4th of July ideas are right up my alley! 

simple patriotic treats: click here.
Ice cream sandwiches dipped in festive sprinkles.  brilliant!

colorful patriotic treat (made these last year--were a big hit)
told ya', I'm all about the simple! :-)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

super short update the end of next month we hope to be in our own place in Ames! (more to come) due date is JAN. 12th!  my memory on my last cycle was horrible! :-) slowly unpacking items from our storage shed into our new place.  I tell you what it feels like CHRISTMAS going through that stuff again! :-)
...I am 9 weeks pregnant so if this little one is like Tucker I still have 4 weeks of morning sickness.  Not fun, but i'll take it cause it means that this little bean is growing strong.
...I have the BEST husband E-V-E-R!  He has been so great picking up the extra slack due to not feeling well. 
...Tucker is at such a fun age!  He our little busy body and loves to identify everyone in the room,  loves Elmo and loves the outdoors!

okay, more later! 

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