Wednesday, June 29, 2011

top garage sale find this season

A month or so ago, I found my TOP garage sale find of the season (so far)
I bought a tub FULL of Scentsy candles --never used. 
I walked away with about 65 different fragrances for around twenty bucks! 
I normally wouldn't think of buying this brand of candle (due to the high cost)  but I am hooked
THEY LAST FOR A LONG TIME (I am still on my first one, I started roughly three weeks ago)
THEY don't use fire (my candle warmer uses a light bulb)
...did I mention how they FILL YOUR whole house with these great smells? 
I am now hooked. 
{even my hubby has been commenting on how good they smell!}
Love fun finds like that.
  Its really the little things. :-)

2 comments: said...

I sale scentsy! I too thought they were pricy but Ive been hooked since 2007!

DangitAnge said...

So jealous! I LOVE Scentsy!

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