Thursday, June 16, 2011

can't hardly wait!

Ryan & I were talking the other night how excited we are to move!  I will say we have thoroughly enjoyed living with my grandparents and Tucker loves the socks off both of them because of it! :-)   I came up with five things we're super excited about:

1.)  The TV OFF.  We aren't big TV watchers in our house but my grandpa on the other hand is a TV junkie!  It is on morning, noon & night.  I can't wait to have the pandora playing instead of the nightly news! :-)

 2.) A Playground within walking distance!  Looking forward to burning some of Tucker's energy this way.

3. Family Time.  Just the three of us.  For the last year we haven't gotten that too often so we're REALLY looking forward to that.  
4.  Hobby Lobby within walking distance....enough said! :-)

5.  Bubble Baths &Water pressure.  :-)


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