Sunday, June 12, 2011

super short update the end of next month we hope to be in our own place in Ames! (more to come) due date is JAN. 12th!  my memory on my last cycle was horrible! :-) slowly unpacking items from our storage shed into our new place.  I tell you what it feels like CHRISTMAS going through that stuff again! :-)
...I am 9 weeks pregnant so if this little one is like Tucker I still have 4 weeks of morning sickness.  Not fun, but i'll take it cause it means that this little bean is growing strong.
...I have the BEST husband E-V-E-R!  He has been so great picking up the extra slack due to not feeling well. 
...Tucker is at such a fun age!  He our little busy body and loves to identify everyone in the room,  loves Elmo and loves the outdoors!

okay, more later! 


MamaBug said...

Just catching up reading all the blogs I read, and commenting on all your last entries all at once..Congrats on your baby! Hope you have a safe and steady pregnancy.
My #2 was born on Jan 12...but he was 2 weeks late.

Hope you get to move soon...and turn off your TV.

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