Monday, December 30, 2013

2013 Review


What a year it has been. I can honestly say we are excited 2013 will be coming to a close real shortly.  To sum up the year in a phrase it would be "growing pains." 

At the end of Jan. I decided to re-open my Etsy shop {} & boy, did God bless that!   What I had thought was going to be some extra "fun" money turned into a full time business!  It was quite challenging the first few months trying to get the feel of how it fits in my day, post office runs, packaging orders, relisting items, updating inventory, and still making being a momma my full time job.  We've made adjustments & I can honestly say it has been the biggest blessing for me.

Ryan's business this year grew by 25% as well this year as well.  So we experienced quite another growing pain with that!  May through September you'd often find the four of us labeling packages, hitting up the post office then going out to get comparable pictures for Ryan's appraisals.  Tucker learned quickly to ask "is this a long ride, or a short ride today?" 

Growing by 1:  At the end of May we found out we were expecting baby #3, this was a real surprise but we are very thankful.  Shortly after finding out I got hit with morning sickness really bad for 13 weeks (just like the other two boys)  I quickly learned saltines were my best friend!  Along with this pregnancy I have gestational diabetes, but thankfully am able to control it with diet and exercise. 

Tucker started preschool this year, which as been so fun to see him learn.  He LOVES preschool & his teacher, Mrs. Boswell.  He has two "best friends" and plays ninja turtles everyday at recess, his favorite part of the day.

Cy is still our little tornado.  He will be 2 in a week and he still amazes us how quickly he can destroy a room!  The man is always on a mission.  We're anxious to see how he adjust to a new little one real shortly.

In mid August we bought a new-to-us speed boat!  This has always been a little dream for Ryan & we were able to take it out for a spin 3 times before the weather got too cold.  We're really looking forward to making many memories on it in the years to come. 

It has been a good year, just alot of adjustments!  In 2014 we are looking forward to:
-a new little one joining the family!
-boating alot more
-ryan starting an etsy business
-and NOT moving! :-) 

Ryan & Ashley

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

baby makes 3!

Sunday May 25th we found out we are expecting baby #3!  We had just gotten home from church and Ryan had starting throwing around baby names & I started thinking it had been awhile since my last cycle.  So I told Ryan I was going to take a pregnancy test and see.  I seem to always have 5+ on hand, so in literally 5 minutes we went from "lets see if we're pregnant" to "holy cow we're pregnant!!"  We had waited the whole 5 minutes and I was getting ready to go check the stick.  As I was approaching the bathroom door I hear Ryan yell, "Just give it to me straight, don't joke."  I agree & proceed to the bathroom.  I look at the stick & stand there for a second in complete shock.  I come out (with tons of enthusiasm) and yell "WE'RE PREGNANT!" Ryan immediately thinks I'm joking and after a few minutes he realizes I'm serious & is immediately filled with joy & is so happy.  I start crying (happy tears). So here are some fun facts on this pregnancy:

I am due Jan 30th
We ARE going to find out the sex this time
June was a burr with morning sickness :-(
Tucker wants a 'sissssstor'
No cravings as of yet.

Thanking God for this little blessing!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


On the way home from church Sunday Tucker was telling us what he learned in Sunday school. He had learned about Jonah & the whale.  Half way through his story he said, "i was trying to tell teacher he needed to wear floaties!" ahhhh, from the mouth of babes!

Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Tucker--he is our little question asker.  Holy cow that little guy likes to talk!  phew! Hes at a really fun age & we love having little conversations with him.  He has become an expert at stalling at bedtime...water requests, has to use the restroom again, wants to pray longer etc.

Cy-he is our little explorer, he is ALL ABOUT THE JOURNEY.  He loves to explore and follow his older brother all over the place.  He is our little ball of energy.  He is way less cautious than Tucker & throws caution to the wind on a daily basis. :-)

Ryan--has been SUPER busy with appraisal orders.  When hes not working on them (which is alot lately) he can be found grilling burgers, day dreaming on our future lawn or his latest obsession is wayne newton music.  totally random and a little weird :--) Ryan recently admitted to watching you tube videos of soldiers returning to their loved ones when he needs a little break. 

Me-- I've been keeping up with the two little boys...between answering T mans 300+ questions  & Cy's poopy diapers. I've also started up a little online shop which is keeping me very busy--which has been the biggest blessing!  At least once a week we sneak away for a little date which is the highlight to our week!

okays, that is an update in a nutshell!

i'm still here!


bet you thought I forgot about this little place...didn't you?

had two funny stories I don't want to forget:

1. this past weekend we ventured over to Omaha to see/do the zoo, parks & of course what every kid loves...the swimming pool.  On Sunday as we were leaving town I ask my 3 year old..."Tucker, what did you like the most...the zebras, lions, playing at the park, swimming...?"  "Ummm, I liked the couch that turned into a bed!!"  I guess its the little things! :-)

2. the other night as Ryan & I were hanging out I said, "I'm so thankful your my husband," and I looked over (he had a huge grin on his face)  "tell me more..."  :-)  love that man!

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