Wednesday, July 10, 2013

baby makes 3!

Sunday May 25th we found out we are expecting baby #3!  We had just gotten home from church and Ryan had starting throwing around baby names & I started thinking it had been awhile since my last cycle.  So I told Ryan I was going to take a pregnancy test and see.  I seem to always have 5+ on hand, so in literally 5 minutes we went from "lets see if we're pregnant" to "holy cow we're pregnant!!"  We had waited the whole 5 minutes and I was getting ready to go check the stick.  As I was approaching the bathroom door I hear Ryan yell, "Just give it to me straight, don't joke."  I agree & proceed to the bathroom.  I look at the stick & stand there for a second in complete shock.  I come out (with tons of enthusiasm) and yell "WE'RE PREGNANT!" Ryan immediately thinks I'm joking and after a few minutes he realizes I'm serious & is immediately filled with joy & is so happy.  I start crying (happy tears). So here are some fun facts on this pregnancy:

I am due Jan 30th
We ARE going to find out the sex this time
June was a burr with morning sickness :-(
Tucker wants a 'sissssstor'
No cravings as of yet.

Thanking God for this little blessing!

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