Monday, March 15, 2010


last tuesday we attended our first auction, and boy was I in heaven.  My hubby is such an amazing guy to come and be so supportive of my crazy, but yet creative ways to decorate our home. :-)  I love unique.  I love original.  I would go so far to say I don't enjoy getting brand new items anymore for decorating our home. i love the thrill of the hunt. and the story that goes along in getting it.  so...getting back to the auction.  they sold a whole BOX of these type of books for $1.00!  IF I would have seen this post earlier (the picture posted above) I would have been ALL over that.  Something I'll put in my "next time i see it" buy it place in my mind!

  So this morning I saw this awesome website.  This woman is crazy creative.  Click here to see how she made this and for other inspiring ideas!

Think Spring!


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