Tuesday, March 2, 2010

yet another silly idea i love!

we don't do anything special for st. patricks day.  in fact, i'm lucky to get green on.  however there is a blog I LOVE, for cute romantic ideas for your hubby to show 'em you love 'em without breaking the bank.  we are SO doing this idea.  its called clover cash.  the gist is to leave 12 of these clovers all over the house in random places where he has to find them.  (i.e in a stash of diapers, under his pillow etc) making some harder to find.  then he will "cash them in" for a prize.  simple, cheap, creative.  LOVE IT! Click Here to download the pictures below.  if you like fun, cheap, romantic ideas bookmark her site and come back often, its AMAZING! :-) Make Sure to have an expiration date.  Mine are good for the month of march



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