Tuesday, March 23, 2010


 do you like to read?
in college i could never understand how people could read for pleasure.  sick.  now, fast forward 5 years and i have found i really enjoy it.  whenever i want to know how to do something i read and read and read and read.  however, the cost of a brand new book almost kills me!  don't get me wrong and library is a great tool, however there are just some books you'd like to keep around for referencei also have a good amount of books i'm ready to get rid of. there is this awesome site called http://bookmooch.com/ where you can get used books for around $2.00! (cost of shipping the book)  my brother in law first told me about it and most recently another friend.  how it works: (simple version)

1.) type in books you want to give away
2.) receive requests from others for your books
3.) mail your books and recieve points
4.) ask for books from others with your points

my friend, Anna has done this ALOT.  She is even part of freecycle and picks up books for free and posts them for points.  she has a spot in her basement where she keeps all the books once she has listed them, then once she gets in a request sends it off.  she has gotten enough points to get 50 some FREE books herself.  pretty cool, huh?  i can't wait to try this out.  http://bookmooch.com/


Andrew said...

We're on PaperbackSwap, let us know how you like Bookmooch!

Ashley Houck said...

will do. i'm looking forward to using it. :-)

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