Sunday, March 14, 2010

6 months!

not that you don't already get a healthy dose of Tucker as it is, here is some of this six month stats:

weights 19lbs 2 oz
height 26.5 inches

  • Can sit up all by himself (yeah!)
  • says "dada"
  • loves bathtime...especially playing with his ducks & making big splashes
  • sleeping from 7-7 with two naps everyday, one usually longer than the other
  • started baby food, so far loves applesauce, carrots, squash, peaches & peas
  • loves to be naked--anytime.
  • strongly dislikes getting dressed or undressed (mainly anything going over his head)
  • loves putting anything in his mouth
  • is starting to show signs of being ticklish
  • loves stroller rides
Our Highlights being parents of a six month old:
  • never ceases to amaze us how much of a mess he can make eating baby food :-)
  • our favorite part of the day is picking him up from his crib in the morning
  • we love seeing his little legs pump in excitment when we come and pick him up from the nursery
  • that we really love being parents to him!


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