Monday, April 23, 2007

nick names

like i mentioned before, this website it devoted to helping us remember little things so later on in our lives we actually know what we did! . neither one of us is good at remembering dates, what we did here are some nicknames we have/had...
Nony-- this one ryan's friend came up with in high school. red still calls him this to this day

Mono- in college ryan got mono and thus the nickname was born. After ryan gave me mono in college i was nicknamed "little mono" for awhile.

Rino-- my nickname for ryan from the start, however, its really caught on!

Ry-guy-- from tim hibbing

Schnookie- the is what my dad called me up til college! Carly was "mini-skinnie", Haley was "bug" and riley was "little man" all these names came from my dad.

mamma sieta-from ryan

little girl--from ryan

sweetie pop-- from ryan
goffy butt-- from ryan


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