Sunday, May 13, 2007

A party in our backyard and we weren't invited

so this afternoon we got home from church and heard alot of commotion in our backyard. As we took a peak outside the windows there were 9 children having a party in our backyard...4 playing on the swing, and another 5 on the trampoline. A neighborhood kid party. On the way home we had talked about having our Sunday nap on the trampoline, so we were a little disappointed someone else had beaten us to it. :-) However, a couple of hours later we decided to try the nap venture once more. Success, no kids playing, peace and quiet. it was the perfect day for a nap on the trampoline. just enough breeze, sunny, and a snuggle buddy! However, that didn't last long... as we were napping (or at least trying to catch some zzzz's) two little kids came over and started to swing. this must have gotten boring and the brave little dude came over to where ryan & i were laying.... the conversation went something like this...

"hellooooo?" he said
(no answer, we were trying to play "sleep")
"HELLOOOOOOOO?" he said a little louder with some urgency.

Ryan looked over, with one eye opened and said "hi"

the little kid replied.... "um, we'd like to jump on the trampoline now."

ryan responded "i think we're going to be using it for awhile"

he walked away. ryan and i were shocked at how bold that little boy was! so after our nap we decided it was prolly a good time to take down the trampoline (because of liability reasons & insurance purposes)

a couple of hours later...the heard returned...let me tell you we had some distraught little tikes!"it was just here this morning!" one kid said in total shock. another little tike offered his allowance money to buy a trampoline for the cause.

anyways, that didn't last long until the saw the swing fact their back there right now arguing on whos turn it is. the end. :-)


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