Tuesday, March 4, 2008

something riley wrote

(he's alot bigger than this picture now , but "the sisters"(aka me, carly & haley)- as riley calls us--but in "the sisters" minds he's still this size!)

my little brother is on a basketball team called iowa attack. in december they had to write something that has been hard over the past year. this is what he wrote...

What has been the most difficult for me the last two months is that my middle sister, Carly, has been gone. She has been gone for more then a year now and she won’t be back until December of this year (2008), which will be almost two years before I see her again. I especially missed her last month during Christmas as I didn’t have anybody to play with (during school break) and she always had music on in her bedroom. I still have to wait for another year till I get to see her. The only good thing is that I do not have to listen to music all the time, but yet I still miss her a lot. On top of this, my youngest sister, Haley, will be studying abroad where Carly is and no one will be home except my mom and dad. I miss my sister a lot for her personality, and the way she lifted everybody’s spirits and she never stopped doing that. I got some shirts for Christmas from her that made me wish she was here and that made me even sadder.
Plus, on New Year’s Eve, she would spend the whole night with me doing what I wanted to do and she wasn’t here to do that either.
I am trusting in God to get me through the next year. I know He is always with me even when I think I’m by myself, so during the holidays was the most difficult part for me during the past two months.


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