Monday, January 19, 2009

I'm Pregnant!

on jan. 2nd (2008) we found out that i'm pregnant! Since we had some problems getting insurance for ryan (because of a pre-exisiting condition) this journey has been long and hard. its been NO secret i've wanted to be mom for a very long time. however, for whatever reason it wasn't in the Lord's plan for our lives just yet. But, our prayers were answered when we got a new amazing health insurance agent and he fought for us -- so on nov. 1st we got insured!
We were able to start trying for kids a month and a half after that. so on december 20th we did! I had this vision for awhile that i would find out we're pregnant on vacation in FL with my family, but i took a pregnancy test the day before we left and it was negative. i was bummed, but had this urging feeling to bring another pregnancy test along with us on the trip. so i did. and jan 2nd carly and i were getting ready for the days putting on makeup and doing our hair...i had just peed on the pregnancy test and had it on the counter and carly had just went into the next room to turn on some' getting ready' for the day music. i happened to look over and see TWO lines! I yelled "CARLY, GET IN HERE!!!!" she ran in and asked how many lines she saw (she said two) i grabbed the stick and ran screaming i'm pregnant into the next room where everyone was sitting. it was sooo cute, ryan had this excited but completely scared look on his face!

We are so excited. We are so blessed. We are so thankful. today i'm starting my sixth week, and just praying we have a safe/healthy baby and pregnancy.

i've been married to my prince charming for 4 1/2 years now. alot longer than i thought we'd be before we had kids. but, i wouldn't change it for the world. we got to build an awesome foundation for our marriage, we got to see other people raising their kids and see what we like or don't like, we've gotten to deepen our relationship with God--having to rely on HIS timing for our family to start...not ours. I always laugh at the movie Bruce Almighty when the main character and God are talking and the main character was talking about his plans for his life and how building an ark was not in his plans... and God was like "your plans?" and just starts laughing. so true.

Some random facts about our baby:
We're calling the baby "squirt" instead of "it"
We're not finding out the sex
We're going to keep the names a surprise
Tenative due date: Sept. 14th
i'm tired ALOT can't make it past 8:45 the last couple of weeks
i'm sure we'll have some more updates to come. thanks for reading!


Kristin said...

Hey Ashley!! Congrats!! We called our little embryo squirt too! Now that we know she is a girly, Evan and I secretly call her by name, but we are keeping the official name announcement a secret!! It's exciting times! I hope you don't get a case of the morning sickys. Mine didn't kick in until the 8th week, but then it went away right at the second trimester mark so I can't complain too much ;) Enjoy yourselves! We love you guys and wish you all the best!!!
Kris Engel

sarah j said...

woohoo! So happy to hear the story and how you found out and the way you told everyone :) Thats one exciting morning!

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