Thursday, February 19, 2009

updates/10th week/ryan's birthday

this week I am in the 10th week. So far, so good. I am having morning sickness pretty regularly, but ryan is doing an amazing job taking care of me. Every Monday I read outloud what our baby is doing this week. He is really concerned when little squirt can start hearing. A couple of weeks ago he was sitting in his office chair and I came in and gave him a hug. Since his head was at my belly he started talking to little squirt. As I laughed I said "squirt doesn't have ears yet" "okay" he said. Then the next thing i knew he was tapping my belly. "well then maybe the baby understands SOS!" :-) It was so cute. We were both laughing SO hard. We are starting to get really excited about the little one! We would love your prayers for a safe baby and delivery.

Ryan's birthday: Ryan had a great 28th birthday. Tuesday morning he meets with our pastor Brad and another guy from our small group, Trey. So that morning they had made coffee cake and eggs for the special occasion. After they met, he came home and we hung out for a little bit and went out to lunch at downtown deli (YUMMM!!) that afternoon went to a friends house to watch a movie then that evening went to his parents house where his friends Red, Molly & Tyler were and all had dinner together with a little card playing after. Overall I think he had a GREAT day.


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