Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Blogs I follow

One of my goals this summer was to find two - three blogs I could follow that let its readers know of good deals, how to save even more money etc. Well, I have found three AMAZING blogs. I am hooked. The information varies from saving money on groceries, to 80% off ugg boots, free samples, free photo prints, getting $25 restaurant gift cards for $2.00, you NAME it. I am still in the learning or "baby" stage of the game, but am LOVING it. I treat it as a competition to myself. How much can i save. How can I best serve our little family. they are. The top blogs I bookmark:

My TOP blog I love is: She is constantly updating it and she knows of really great deals. Last week alone I saved 35.00.



Get the Sunday Paper for FREE: Kum & Go gas station gives the daily Des Moines register free with a purchase of 8 gallons of gas, so on Sundays (when the coupon inserts are in the paper) we make sure one car/truck is empty so we can get our paper! :-)


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