Tuesday, October 13, 2009

birth story

its been awhile since we've last blogged. I have been meaning to write an update for awhile and its AMAZING how time slips away from you! Tucker just recently passed his one month mark! It has gone fast. He is changing so quickly already! We think he is around 9 pounds now and is already out growing his newborn outfits. Everyone says he looks like a combination of Ryan and my little brother Riley. He is growing bald on the top of his head and his eyelashes are getting longer/thicker and just within the last day or so started making "ah" noises...SO DARN CUTE! :-) I think i am adjusting to motherhood good, i LOVE being able to stay at home. I will say his sleeping habits are still to be desired. I am averaging between 3.5-4 hours a sleep a night. I've had one all niter (very recently) and his first night home from the hospital was a total of 40 mins. He is a cuddler and like to be held ALL the TIME. Let me repeat that he LIKES TO BE HELD ALL THE TIME!!! Making it next to impossible to get anything done. Thankfully I have an amazing mom, and mother in law who have helped out a great deal! Okay... here is the birth story...

I started having contractions Wednesday night @ 10:00 p.m. September 9th. Ryan had an appraisal order he had to have turned in the next morning so between contractions for two hours (10-12) I would call ryan and he would come upstairs during my contractions then head back down to work. (not the ideal way I would have prefered, but a deadline is a deadline) Around midnight my contractions were getting closer now about 5 mins. apart. We headed to the hospital and got admitted. From midnight to 4 a.m. i walked the hospital hallways and did the whirlpool tub. I had progressed to 6 cm and decieded to opt fo the drugs! :-) It was amazing the difference you feel almost immedately! I then continued on laboring for a few more hours and they were concerned with his heartrate getting low so I had to be on my side for most of it. Around 11 a.m. septemeber 10th I became fully dialated and could start pushing. After about 20 mins of that Tuckers heartrate was a concern for the midwife and she called in a doctor to vaccum him out. About 10 mins later Tucker was born! Amazing. Crazy. He scored a 9.9 on his apgar test and had a healthy little cry. i remember looking at ryan and saying "i can't believe this is our son;" a total surreal moment.

I have been blown away with how great of a dad ryan is. I knew he would be a good dad, but he has completely blown me away. I have really enjoyed having ryan work at home, so i'm able to take a shower, or eat a meal hands free!


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