Friday, November 12, 2010


1.The beautiful weather outside! {it reached 70 degrees three times this week!}
2. Getting together with two of the best friends a girl could ask for Saturday night to play cards with our hubbies!
3. Gods grace {enough said!}
4. Diet Mountian Dew
5. A husband & best friend who L♥VES me no matter what
6. SO thankful for my little one year old & the excitment he provides.
7. odd jobs that pop up our direction so we're able to pay off a BIG loan saturday.
8. friends & family who are so helpful & encouraging.
9. babysitters
10. a  sleeping little boy when I get home from working a night shift whose crib i rattle so he wakes up long enough to hug & hold for a few mins then goes right back down to sleep without his dad knowing ! :-)

so thankful.


Laura said...

Love this list Ashley -- such a good idea to go through and say what you're thankful for. It truly reveals how incredibly blessed we are!

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