Sunday, August 14, 2011

a little pregnancy update

...I am one week from being half way done with this pregnancy! {which slightly freaked out Ryan this week} :-)
...I am feeling GREAT! No more morning sickness, no more throwing up! YAHOO! That in itself is awesome. I feel overall more tired with this pregnancy but probably because I'm chasing a very active toddler :-)
...we finally agreed upon the boy & girl name, which is always fun. Tucker can even pronounce them both :-) We now need to find middle names. of the sweetest thing Tucker does is comes up to my expanding belly & say "Hi babee" and kisses my stomach. priceless. We're slowly trying to get him used to the fact he'll have another brother/sister before he knows it!
...unlike with Tucker I have a lot stronger cravings. Right now, my current obsession is a Carmel apple. {I hope to fulfill that craving at the State Fair on Tuesday!}
...we still covet your prayers that this pregnancy goes smoothly & our little munchkin grows & develops normally


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