Monday, July 16, 2012


April 10th I started a diet called Medifast.
...since then I have lost 32.6 lbs, the equivalent of loosing my soon-to-be three year old son!
phew, it has been ALOT of work but I am LOVING the outcome...WAY more energy, only having 1 pair of pants that fit now(!)  (haley is going to help me with this problem this week!) going down 2-3 jean sizes(!) & so many other fun things I'm forgetting at the moment.  I am roughly at my half way point & feeling good/strong!  Its always encouraging to me when people comment & say how good your looking, so if you notice, PLEASE tell me! :-)  It really helps motivate me! ...and the COOLEST part of all of this? I've inspired 4 DIFFERENT people to start their journey in medifast.  HOW COOL. I hope to have a post soon on tips & tricks that have helped me with this diet.  Here's to better health & keeping up with my kiddos!


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