Tuesday, April 30, 2013

i'm still here!


bet you thought I forgot about this little place...didn't you?

had two funny stories I don't want to forget:

1. this past weekend we ventured over to Omaha to see/do the zoo, parks & of course what every kid loves...the swimming pool.  On Sunday as we were leaving town I ask my 3 year old..."Tucker, what did you like the most...the zebras, lions, playing at the park, swimming...?"  "Ummm, I liked the couch that turned into a bed!!"  I guess its the little things! :-)

2. the other night as Ryan & I were hanging out I said, "I'm so thankful your my husband," and I looked over (he had a huge grin on his face)  "tell me more..."  :-)  love that man!


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