Thursday, February 15, 2007

Christmas Letter 2006

* picture of us right after we got baptised*

This year has gone by very quickly for us. In February Ryan celebrated his first year with Heartland Appraisals. He really enjoys the challenges and rewards that come with the job. Ashley continues to work at Hickory Park. God has continued to show us His grace and humor throughout the year. In April we ventured out on a cruise over Easter weekend to Mexico with nearly the entire Houck clan. We had a great time and even came back with a tanbut it didn't last long! This past year our life group with Stonebrook church has really grown. We are up to 18 couples and still counting! In January we stepped up to the plate and began to co-lead a life group with our dear friends the Hibbings & Jordans. It has been awesome to see these friendships grow. To this day we still enjoy looking back and seeing where God has lead all of us this past year. In July we bought our first investment property. It is a duplex in Southern Ames. We live on one half and rent out the other. We really enjoy being Landlords & have the best tenants someone could ask for. We have been busy the last few months giving it a face lifting & remodeling the side we live in. In December (of this year) we teamed up in yet another fixer upper house to hopefully put on the market by April of 07. Also in December we went to Branson for a family getaway before my sister (Carly) leaves on a two year missionary trip. Much fun was had by all! We would love to hear from all of you, and the blessings you've had throughout the year! May Gods grace and love, through His Son Jesus Christ, be with you this holiday season and throughout the New Year!! Love,The Houcks


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