Monday, February 19, 2007

Ryan turns 26!!!

the main reason I decided to start a blog is because ryan and i have terrible memories when it comes to "what'd we end up doing for your birthday last year?" or "what'd I get you last year?" so , to prevent that from happening again, we decided to document our "story."
since his birthday fell on a saturday i took full advantage of it! We started off the day with meeting his parents for breakfast at the grove cafe downtown. then, headed to lanyon & his good friend Red & wife Molly were expecting us for lunch. Molly made some AWESOME spaghetti and chocolate cake (Ryan's favorite) then hung out with them for the afternoon and got some pappa murphys pizza and headed to the huhn farm where we would be meeting up with six other couples from our small group from church. We had a GREAT evening played some games and just took it easy. it was a great birthday!


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