Friday, December 28, 2007


a couple of weeks ago we watched my little brother for 13 days while my parents were overseas visiting my sister. although he is a little older since this picture was taken he had two "famous" quotes.

1st: my boppa, grandma, riley, me, & ryan were sitting around the dinner table after being trapped on the farm due to our first ice storm of the winter. boppa had just said, "its real nasty out there, the ice is real bad" there was a slight pause and riley said (like he was 75 years old) "i've seen worse" when he's only 12!
2nd: as some of you know ryan took his state of iowa exam while we were watching riley as well. ryan was especially nervous for the test, as was i. it lasted 4 hours. sometime during the test i looked at riley and ask "do you think ryan will pass?" riley looked at me serious as could be and said "no, he's not. he wasn't comprehending what he was reading. " i kinda sat there stunned, and one second later he looked at me (before i had a chance to say anything) "and yes, i am serious." i couldn't help but getting a good laugh out of it, and so did the rest of the family! but yes, ryan did pass the VERY first time, and ryan hasn't let him forget it! :-)


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