Friday, December 28, 2007

venting our childlike anger

a few weeks ago ryan had to get some colored copies made. Going into copyworks he had in his head it'd probably cost around $30 dollars. It was 5:00 am so he didn't really have any other options. He needed 3 appraisals copied, which are multiple pages themselves. he had them copied and was told the bill was $290.00! he must of looked like he was going to faint because the store clerk immediately could tell he wasn't thinking it'd be that much. since only a few of the copies were colored she was able to knock it down to $130.00. since then ryan has boycotted copyworks. he has taken the $1.25 colored copy personal in a way only Ryan can :) ... in the meantime we found this youtube video of this little kid getting VERY mad he can't make it down this slip 'n slide. he goes this fist like motion toward the slip 'n slide ( click below to see the clip then continue with the story) SOOOOOOO...going back to the story a few days after the copyworks episode we were driving by it and ryan did the "fist" ever since then if we get mad or frustrated we pull the "fist" enjoy!

(its the last kid on this little segment with the slip 'n slide!)


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