Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Catch up!

This week I am in my 27th week, and boy, is it going fast! I am overall still feeling great. I've noticed my energy level going down a little bit, but nothing terrible yet. Sleeping is become more of a science --trying to find the right position and all! :-) Yesterday I had a check-up and everything is still looking good. Although, were starting to think we might have a little boy in there...time will tell!! I think secretly Ryan is REALLY excited about!

Next Saturday we move (again!) to South Ames at our duplex on Garnet. So with packing we've got to do and getting ready for the move we've been staying really busy! We are planning to move there for a couple of reasons 1. more space 2. we can refinance for a better interest rate & lower our payments 3. remodel the upstairs.

Midwest Appraisals:
Business has been booming (all thanks to God!) which we are so greatful for. Ryan's been working alot of hours, somedays 6:30 a.m. til midnight. however, he is just starting to get a good rhythm so hopefully those hours won't be like that for long. i've been his little helper, and having a great time with that! In the next few weeks I'm hoping to learn more of his software and be able to help even more.

Not working at Hickory Park has been amazing. I now smile everytime I drive by. have i mentioned how excited i am to be done?!? :-)

thats it for now!


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