Sunday, June 7, 2009

two of my friends have babies...on the same day!!

Two of my good friends Molly & Rachel had babies on the same day! Last friday afternoon I was getting ready to head to Mary Greely to see my friends Rachel's baby Adam James when Ryan got a call that Red & Molly had ALSO had their baby, Elijah Flint. So we both headed to the hospital to check out these new babes! The baby on the left is Adam, who is a happy, healthy beautiful little boy! We are so excited for our friends!
The baby on the right is Elijiah, who has had a little tougher go-around. That Friday night he was born, he was taken down to blank Childrens hopsital in Des Moines. He is a little cutie too!! He was born @ 4 lb. 13 ounces. We were able to go down to the hospital today and last sunday. Even from last week he looks SO much stronger! His parents and doctors and hoping he'll be able to go home sometime this week.
So excited for you guys!!


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