Wednesday, December 2, 2009

2nd -3rd month!

Tomorrow Tucker will be 3 MONTHS old!  I cannot believe how quickly time is flying!! He is doing so good.  At the beginning of november he had his 2 month check up.  Everything is looking good, he is a happy/healthy little guy.  He weighted 12.8 lbs.  on his weight, he is in the 75th percentile of weight, height and head size.  Two nights ago we got him to laugh for the first time. AMAZING. Although, he's only done it twice since then.  His little personality is starting to shine through, he loves  being where the action is and doesn't like to miss a beat. he definitely knows who his mom & dad are.  My favorite part of my day is waking him up in the morning.  I  turn on the lights and say "goodmorning tucker!" and he stretches (still with his eyes closed) and has a HUGE smile on his face with his little legs pumping in excitement that mom is there)

He sleeps from about 9 p.m. til 7:30am straight each night but really doesn't care for naps (like his daddy!) Ryan & I have really started to learn good time management skills...sometimes fixing supper is kinda tricky!! :-)Well i better get going, time for him to eat soon!


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