Wednesday, December 16, 2009

my 28th birthday (yikes!)

On Saturday I celebrated my 28th birthday.  It was such a fun day.  Which was made even better having Tucker there.  :-)  That morning we woke up early (as you do when you have kids, there is NO sleeping in anymore!) and opened presents from Tucker and Ryan.  The best "present" if you will was a note from my favorite blog,  Ryan wrote her an email the day before and she wrote back in time to wish me a happy birthday.  It was so stinkin' thoughtful!  We headed to my moms house to have a brunch with my entire immediate family including my boppa and grandma.  We headed back to Ames where some good friends watched Tucker while we went to a movie.  Later on we came back and went out to dinner with two of our good couple friends.  It was a great day, couldn't of asked for anything more. (hope to post pictures soon, they are on ryans computer and he is currently working on it)


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