Friday, August 27, 2010

lovin these right now

my little babe is taking an extra long nap right now and I've done my morning to do list so I get to blog! :-)  
I thought I would share some things I am lovin right now...

Pumpkin Spice Candle 
(i love Yankee candles and but I've found the walmart brands smell really wonderful too, even on a budget!)

Dust Buster:
I used to think this was an old persons toy.  But now that I got a little one that likes to throw food on the floor while eating it has become my go to gadget! My hubby laughs every time I bring it out!

Fall is my favorite season.  Carmel Apples, sweatshirts, football, leaves turning, combines driving down the road & apple cider!  bring it on!  

I've got more, but I hear a little one talking in the next room.  :-)


monica said...

fyi...hobby lobby has yummy fall scented candles 50% off in their fall/halloween decor area.

they smell mmmm...mmm...good.

Ashley J Houck said...

Thanks Monica. I will have to check them out!

Sara Anne said...

pumpkin spice is just about one of my favorite candle scents. it reminds me of college in the fall. And I love caramel apples!! Can I eat one now and call it a pregnancy craving?

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