Monday, August 16, 2010

state fair cookies

Growing up my sisters and i were obsessed with Rogers & Hammerstein's musicals.  
Particularly State Fair, which was based off the Iowa State Fair.
we go every. single. year.  
we're kinda obsessed! :-)

This year my sister Carly & I decided to bake cookies for the State Fair.
It has been something on my bucket list for some time.
Here is a picture of us right before we took them to be judged. 
We went with the theme of "go big or go home".  We entered the most popular cookie category with first place winnings up to $300.00!  We didn't win, (but had a lot of fun in the process!)but next year we will try again! :-)
Although, I gotta shout out our friend Deb who entered and got 2nd in her division!  Way to go Deb!!


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