Thursday, September 16, 2010

{newest} guilty pleasure

my sister {haley} has become obsessed with this guy.
...and after having to listen to it alot SO AM I now :-)

his name is Sam Tsui
he's able to take popular songs and turn them into a cool, fun productions completely captivating his audience.  He has something like 50 recordings out on youtube.  Check this one out. 
it starts out slow but at 27 seconds in is where he had me hook...and i've played it twenty something times this evening already!
obsessive ...maybe! :-)
I love his voice. 



Kaye said...

WOW...glad I saw your link cause I think this guy is great too!!!!!

Rachel Verzani said...

THAT was fun to watch!

Natalie Catherine said...

wow i love this!!! thanks so much for posting this..he sounds awesome!

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